Lake Cataouatche

St. Charles County, Louisiana.

Lake Cataouatche ends in Ama, Louisiana.

18.69 miles (30.08 sq kilometers)

About The Lake Cataouatche

About Lake Cataouache, LA

Lake Cataouatche is an incredibly large lake that can be found in the southwestern portion of New Orleans, Louisiana, in St. Charles County, Los Angeles. It measures 9,280 acres and is connected to Lake Salvador by the Bayou Couba and Bayou Bordeaux. Besides that, the lake has an average depth of 6 ft. 

The lake is known for the bass fish. As a matter of fact, during the Bassmaster Classic XLI, it is reported to have a 98% coverage of the invasive species hydrilla. These invasive aquatic species have been found to contribute to grass beds for bass. Furthermore, during the same event, Kevin VanDam fished here on the last day of the competition. He got a bite from a 29-pound bass in this lake, which made him win the tournament. 

Aside from being a favorite spot for fishing tournaments, there has also been a considerable controversy involving Lake Cataouatche. They made a diversion canal that allowed water from the Mississippi River. As a result, the salinity level of the lake changed, and more invasive species inhabited it. 

Lake Cataouatche Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Lake Cataouache, LA

The waters of Lake Cataouache are mainly freshwater. The opening of the diversion canal that allowed water from the Mississippi River has contributed more nutrients and turbidity to the lake. Besides t