North Palm Beach Waterway

Palm Beach County, Florida.

North Palm Beach Waterway ends in North Palm Beach, Florida.

1.62 miles long (2.60 kilometers)

8472778.59 miles (13635619.60 sq kilometers)

About The North Palm Beach Waterway

All About North Palm Beach Waterway, FL

The North Palm Beach Waterway is a canal that has an elevation of 10 feet or 3 meters located in the incorporated village of North Palm Beach in Palm Beach County, Florida. It forms part of the Intracoastal Waterway, a 3000-mile inland waterway that runs along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts. The canal can also be found north of the North Palm Beach Country Club, south of Juno Ridge and near Delacorte Park. It encompasses the communities or cities of Juno Ridge, North Palm Beach as well as Riviera Beach.

The canal is operated, maintained, and improved to give the most efficient, safest, most economical and environmentally sustainable water transportation route by the North Palm Beach Waterways Board. It is also used for the purposes relating to business, commercial, fisheries and recreation. The waterway diverges into two paths when it reaches the local country club, going into a larger waterway or marina and towards another that possesses several small lagoons and lakes.

North Palm Beach Waterway Fishing Description

All About Fishing in North Palm Beach Waterway, FL

Anglers can find a variety of different fish in the North Palm Beach Waterway, with largemouth bass, common dolphinfish, and ladyfish being the most abundant there. Other species such as crevalle jack, wahoo, common snook, peacock cichlid and tarpon can also be found in the canal. Fish like mutton snapper, mangrove red snapper, king mackerel and northern pike have also been caught in nearby marinas. The waters in the canal are a combination of freshwater and brackish waters, giving it the ability to host a variety of species. It is advised to check with local fishing regulations and daily catch and bag limits for certain species to ensure compliance and safety. 

Fishing in the North Palm Beach Waterway is commonly done by using boats or kayaks but anglers can still fish by the canal’s banks and available piers. Due to its proximity to numerous communities, one can easily find boat rental and charter fishing services as well as tackle and bait shops. Spinning, baitcasting and jigging are the most popula