Nueces River

Nueces County, Texas.

Nueces River midpoint in Charlotte, Texas.

Nueces River ends in Corpus Christi, Texas.

448.57 miles long (721.90 kilometers)

5756934.55 miles (9264890.94 sq kilometers)

About The Nueces River

Nueces River is a River located in Nueces County, TX. Starting in Camp Wood, TX the Nueces River flows 338 miles through Charlotte, TX before ending in Corpus Christi, TX. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


Nueces River, TX

The Nueces River measures approximately 500 km long, situated in southern Texas and the northeastern Rio Grande. The Spanish explorers named it the “River of Nuts” because of the abundant pecan trees lining its banks. Nueces River’s headwaters come from northwest Real County and northeast Edwards County, flowing south and passing through the Texas Hill, Barksdale, Crystal City. The river then turns east to different counties in Texas, such as Dimmit, La Salle, and McMullen, and then converges with the Atascosa River and Frio River. It travels southeast, passing Mathis and forming the Lake Corpus Christi reservoir until it reaches Corpus Christi Bay on the Gulf of Mexico.

Nueces River basin consists of Leona, Frio, San Miguel, Seco, and Hondo streams. It supplies water for industrial and mining purposes, power generation, and recreation for the Nueces-Rio Grande Coastal Basin and Corpus Christi City. However, limited water supply resulting from drought has been one of the concerns in the basin. Predictions suggest that the groundwater supplies would diminish soon.

Nueces River Fishing Description

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