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Pine Island Sound

Lee County, Florida.

Pine Island Sound ends in Pineland, Florida.

119752756.60 miles (192723439.94 sq kilometers)

About The Pine Island Sound

About Pine Island Sound, FL

Pine Island Sound is found in Lee County, Florida, with shallow water seen in the islands between Pine Islands and other islands. It separates the Sound from the Gulf of Mexico. The island is an estuary and a salt marsh. The place offers the finest fishing in the state and an excellent environment for birdwatchers and nature lovers. Additionally, fishing, kayaking, and swimming are some of the activities you can do while on Pine Island. 

Pine Island Sound is nicknamed "Florida's innovative Coast'' for its colorful art galleries and restaurants serving clean seafood. Secluded Pine Island has a quirky, laidback small-city feel set in a lush environment. The communities on Pine Island welcome each person curious about selecting the location as their Florida Spring spoil destination, but the island no longer has a public beach. The island generally attracts families for Spring, and if traveling that time of year, visitors are usually heavy, so planning is a must before visiting.

Pine Island Sound is surrounded by mangroves, domestic to a few herbal preserves, tropical flowers, fruit groves, and waterways supplying high-quality fishing, boating, and paddling at the side of birdwatching and nature trails. Some of the vacation places in Pine Island Sound, Florida, are Matlacha Bridge and Randell Research Center. 

Pine Island Sound Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Pine Island Sound, FL

Fishing in Pine Island Sound is an excellent place for all ages and skill levels; whether you are a beginner or a professional, this place will give you a fantastic experience. Also, this place has the best tarpon fishing area in Southwest Florida. 

Being ecologically diverse, it has numerous types of fish such as seagrass beds, oyster beds, and marine species like mangroves, dolphins, and manatees. In the waters of SouthWest Florida, fish species such as redfish, snook, and seatrout have the highest quality available--more of these species are Spanish mackerel, bluefish, cobia, bonito, snapper, and flounder. If you are interested in more fishing experience, this place also offers mangroves, grass residences, canals, seaside fronts, passes, and synthetic reefs. 

Pine Island Sound Seasonal & Other Description

Fishing Seasonality

In summer, from June to September, the warmest parts of the year, the coastal waters undergo an enormous change. Due to the rainy season, the clear water from winter to spring will turn dark; this time of the year with dark water is still good and beneficial to the ecosystem because it gives easy access for the anglers to catch trophy gamefish. From March to May, as the spring season enters, waters in the area are clear during spring, and the salinity level is high, which may result in a perfect time for sight fishing and migratory masses of tarpon to go inshore. In fall, from October to the first part of December, it always has perfect weather to catch fish; large schools of red drum climb onto the level of the water to feed during and post-spawn, which happens outside the passes. In winter, from the first part of December to February, the cold water compliments some species as trout fishing targets more specimens like the redfish, triple trail. Moreover, more anglers may see fish that tend to switch from basically fish-based to crustacean-like penaeid shrimp during this time. 

Pine Island Sound Fishing Charters & Fishing Guides


St. James City, FL

23ft - 6 guests

Starting as low as



Fort Myers, FL

20ft - 5 guests

Starting as low as



Stuart, FL

23ft - 4 guests

Starting as low as