Placida Harbor

Charlotte County, Florida.

Placida Harbor ends in Placida, Florida.

2444024.86 miles (3933277.97 sq kilometers)

About The Placida Harbor

About Placida Harbor, FL

The Placida Harbor extends from the east of the Rambler Hole up to the southern end of the Little Gasparilla Island. It can be found in Charlotte County on the southwestern coast of Florida. The harbor is two miles long, and its widest section measures up to one mile, while its narrowest is up to 500 feet wide.

The harbor is named after the town, and the place is even dubbed as “paradise” by those living here. It is called such because of the way of life it provides away from the busy cities. It has a lush landscape with shell paths that prove how gentle and beautiful the lifestyle in this town can be. 

Furthermore, the Placida Harbor is divided into different sections, including the Zenil Flats, Seven Docks Flats, Bird Key Flats, and Boca Grande Sandbar. There are lots of activities that can be enjoyed here such as boating, paddling, wildlife viewing, diving, and most especially, fishing. 

Placida Harbor Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Placida Harbor, FL

The saltwater flowing to the Placida Harbor comes from Florida Coast and Little Gasparilla Island. Aside from that, the water here appears to be in pristine greenish-blue color. It is in its clearest form during high tide and can give you about three to five feet of visibility. However, it tends to become significantly murky during the low tides and starts to get clearer again come the month of June. 

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