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Barnard is definitely the perfect spot for those looking for an escape from their stressful city life. Because this charming agricultural town is located in Windsor County right in the heart of the Vermont countryside, it means that it’s practically surrounded by scenic views of farmlands, woods, state parks, lakes, streams, hills, and mountains. Aside from the amazing natural views, Barnard is also a great destination for thrill-seekers as visitors can enjoy exciting outdoor activities. Fun summer activities include camping, hiking, kayaking, biking, hunting, and fishing. Winter, on the other hand, is great for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and ice fishing. So yes, the town of Barnard is a great all-year-round outdoor destination.

Barnard: All About Fishing in This Beautiful Place 

One of the most popular activities in Barnard is fishing. In fact, it attracts thousands of anglers from all over the state every year, thanks to the fish-abundant Silver Lake in the state park of the same name located in the center of the town of Barnard. This body of water carries so much fish that even a beginner can easily catch one in literally every part of the lake—from the middle, the shallows, the flats, and even straight off the shores. Fish species that can be landed here include smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, northern pike, pumpkinseed sunfish, yellowperch, rock bass, If you’re targeting the big ones, we highly suggest going on a fishing charter so that you’d be able to go straight where the best fish are in the water. You can also hire a fishing guide and go kayak fishing right in the middle of the lake where you can go up close and personal with some of the biggest fish in the lake.

For fly fishing enthusiasts, the best spots are the small streams and creeks flowing through the town. Here you can catch a variety of trout including browns,