Book Your Fishing Charter in Manhattan Beach, CA

Plan your next fishing trip in Manhattan Beach, CA and catch plenty of game either onshore or offshore, in one of the most laid-back areas in LA.

Book Your Fishing Charter in Manhattan Beach, CA
Book Your Fishing Charter in Manhattan Beach, CA
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January 18, 2022, 3 min read

Updated on June 19, 2023

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Manhattan Beach should be your next prospect when you think about hitting the beaches of Los Angeles as it’s known as ‘The Pearl of LA’s South Bay.’ The city, located in the southwest of LA County in the sunny state of California, encapsulates a laid-back and classic vibe that other beach cities in the region don’t embody. Manhattan Beach poses a perfect coastal enclave as a great beach city fishing destination because the Pacific Ocean is just at arm’s length. Anglers won’t even need a boat to see great angling action as miles of surf and a productive pear will see you plenty of game.

What draws people into Manhattan Beach is its relaxed and friendly atmosphere despite being home to upscale sites and homes. The sand and surf are the real deal, with miles of ocean frontage and hundreds of acres of beautiful sandy beach. The southwestern California city is notable for offering fun activities such as beach volleyball and surfing, home to renowned sporting events and tournaments. The bustling downtown area will also keep you occupied if you want to take a break from the water. If you’re not convinced why Manhattan Beach is one of the best beach cities, you must know that its natural offerings have been compared to a modern-day Baywatch set. At the end of the pier, a building was also featured in the film Point Break, starring Keanu Reeves.

Manhattan Beach might be your next fishing destination with its perfect location beside the sea.

Manhattan Fishing: Amazing Beach Fishing in the City of Sun, Sand, and Sea 

man fishing by the beach during daytime

You can get massive onshore and offshore fishing action in Manhattan Beach, boasting a scenic seaside location. 

With its name, the biggest draw the city has is the beach. Manhattan Beach looks out over two miles of ocean, making it a great place for deep sea fishing. From nearby and local waters, you can hook species like California halibut, Pacific jack mackerel, yellowfin croaker, walleye surfperch, topsmelt, shiner perch, jacksmelt, queenfish, salema, silver surfperch, leopard shark, Pacific sardine, California corbina, bat ray, gray smooth hound, sharpnose seaperch, spotted sand bass, barred sand bass, and kelp bass.

Strolling through the sandy shores, you may encounter barred surfperch, a variety of croaker, corbina, small rays, and guitarfish (shovelnose shark), and try out your surf casting on them. If you come upon pilings at the beach, especially near structures, you might spot pike perch, walleye, silver surfperch, sargo, and more.

The most popular place to fish in the city is on the Manhattan Beach Pier, which sees most, if not all, of the fishing action onshore. Different kinds of fish can be caught from the 928-feet long pier. Around the middle part, you can reel in cod (white croaker), herring, jacksmelt, yellowfin croaker, and the occasional halibut. At the very end, you have the chance to hook Pacific bonito, Pacific jack mackerel, barracuda, sometimes white sea bass, or even yellowtail, as well as reef frequenters like kelp bass, sand bass, and sculpin (scorpionfish). The artificial reef at the end of the pier may also see the rare giant black sea bass. Baitcasting and bottom fishing are the most common ways to hook fish from the dock. Live bait is unavailable there, so be prepared to bring your own. The pier doesn’t allow overhead casting, chumming, fish cleaning, or gutting at the pier and the use of multiple poles or fishing lines.

Beach City Enjoyment in Manhattan Beach

1. Chill Around the Strand

If you want to experience the city’s laid-back vibe, you can explore and chill around The Strand. The paved path showcases idyllic scenery and is popular amongst cyclists, runners, and people who want to stroll along. It’s also a great place to people-watch and enjoy the beautiful view. Bike tours of the city also use The Strand as their guide route. 

2. Visit the Roundhouse Aquarium

The Roundhouse Aquarium offers hands-on interactive experiences with marine life and habitats for free. You can find the aquarium, managed and operated by the Oceanographic Teaching Stations, Inc., at the end of Manhattan Beach Pier.

Fish in Manhattan Beach and beyond.