Book Your Fishing Charter in Salisbury, NC

Here's how, where, and when to fish in Salisbury, NC.

Book Your Fishing Charter in Salisbury, NC
Book Your Fishing Charter in Salisbury, NC
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October 10, 2022, 4 min read

Updated on June 19, 2023

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North Carolina offers some of the nation's best fishing destinations that are abundant with various fish species and trophy game fish. This state is greatly known for having one of the top fisheries on the eastern seaboard, making anglers drawn to its diverse fishing opportunities. 

In Salisbury, impressive water bodies are waiting for you in and around the city. But aside from numerous fishing spots, this town, located in the heart of the Piedmont Region, North Carolina, is also rich in history, sights, and amazing landscapes that people of all ages can enjoy. It is a great place to visit for history buffs and a nice place to shop and try different local delicacies. 

Although this community is now at its peak, it undergoes different stages of growth before becoming the city it is today. Back then, it was just a settlement built at the intersection of longtime Native American trading routes that became an economic hub. It became a principal city of Salisbury's judicial and militia district until the American revolutionary war. Then a few more years later, it became a trading city of an upland area that cultivated cotton into a commodity crop, a railroad hub in the late 19th century, and eventually grew into an industrial-based economy in the 20th century. Its humble beginning shaped the city into a thriving community with great history.

Salisbury Fishing: Great Fishing Destinations 

woman fly fishing for rainbow trout

Located in the state of North Carolina, the city of Salisbury is undeniably surrounded by fantastic water bodies wherein you can catch your favorite fish species, may it be for recreational or commercial fishing. Lake Norman and High Rock Lake are the two largest lakes in North Carolina and are among some of the most popular fishing destinations that anglers love to pursue. Here in Salisbury, you can find good fishing spots full of various fish species. 

The Salisbury City Park Lake is an artificial lake in North Carolina built by early settlers in 1936. In the early days before the city decided to fix it, the lake was full of weeds, algae, and trash that people could find almost anywhere. But now, it has become a famous spot for anglers since it has different types of fish species, including brook trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout. During the fall season, the lake changes its fish stocking into pinfish, sterile grass carp, largemouth bass, bream, and channel catfish. They even installed a bridge and a mini fishing pier that would make the anglers comfortable as they fish. 

Another spot is the stream that flows through the heart of Rowan County. Grant's Creek is another good option for anglers after different catfish types. Using the baitcasting technique, you may catch blue, white, and flathead catfish if you use a gizzard shad, white sucker, and nightcrawler as bait. Besides catfish, the Creek also produces bluegill, white bass, bowfin, and white crappie

No matter where you fish in the State of North Carolina, there sure is a spot for each angler where they can land a big catch of the sought-after fish species. To be able to do that, make sure that you have a valid fishing license that you can avail of from a wildlife service agent or online at the website of the Wildlife Resources Commission.

Revisit the Past at the Historical City of Salisbury

Salisbury is not only abundant with outstanding fishing destinations but is also full of historic sites and attractions that will give you a glimpse of the city's historical past. 

Below are the must-visit places in Salisbury, North Carolina:

1. Doctor Josephus Hall House

This historic hall house was initially built in 1820 as a classroom for the Salisbury Female Academy until it came under the possession of a local businessman named Maxwell Chamber and turned into a residence. Dr. Josephus Hall bought it in 1859 and served four generations of the Hall family before the Historic Salisbury Foundation bought it in 1972. 

Today, with almost 200 years' worth of history, people are taking turns to visit this place to see some of its original contents, including the furnishings, painted ceilings, wallpapers, and Andrew Jackson's desk when he studied law. You can also check out the restored kitchen building, slave dwelling, and the cannon used at the Salisbury Civil War Prison. 

2. The Piedmont Players Theatre 

This theatre has been an important institution in the city for over fifty years. Since 1961, It has provided a quality theatrical production for the people of Salisbury and its surrounding areas and is still growing strong up to this day. 

Through the years, Piedmont Players Theatre has received various recognitions, such as the outstanding community theatre in North Carolina and the best theatre in Rowan County. If you are in for some exceptional theatrical experience, visit this place as you explore the beautiful city of Salisbury. 

Fish in Salisbury and beyond.