White, GA Fishing: A Great Access for Fishing by the Wildlife

When planning a fishing trip, stop by White, Georgia. Familiarize yourself with the town, the best places to fish, and what else to do as an angler!

White, GA Fishing: A Great Access for Fishing by the Wildlife
White, GA Fishing: A Great Access for Fishing by the Wildlife
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September 20, 2022, 6 min read

Updated on September 19, 2022

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James A. White, the city's first postmaster, inspired the town of White, Georgia. On August 7, 1919, the founding charter for what was then known as The Town of White was signed. The name was changed to The City of White in 1962. Northwestern Georgia is where you'll find White in Bartow County.

From a low of about 600 feet, where the Etowah River exits Bartow and enters Floyd County, to an approximate high height of roughly 2,400 feet, the geography of Bartow County is characterized by relatively steep hills and large valleys. It is a bedroom neighborhood for Cartersville, which lies 9 miles (14 km) to the south; a string of houses and stores links the two cities.

Coosa River Basin encompasses all of Bartow County. Still, the area's complicated geology is the result of the collision of the igneous-substrate-rock formations of the Blue Ridge, Talladega, and Northern Piedmont geologic provinces with the sedimentary-substrate-rock figures of the Ridge and Valley Province. These geological provinces have collided, making for a very mineral-rich region. Allatoona Lake, Red Top Mountain, Pine Log Mountain, and the Etowah River are all notable landmarks in the area.

White Fishing

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Georgia's abundance of public fishing areas contributes to the state's justifiable fame as a fishing mecca. You'll benefit from the fact that it isn't as well-known as its neighbor, Florida. Some examples are the Chattahoochee River, the Columbia River, and Lake Lanier. But if you're an angler, you'll surely love the city. The abundance of fishing locations in and near the town of White makes it home to some of the best fishing spots in the country.

Upper Stamp Creek Campground is located in the lush Georgia countryside, right on the shores of Allatoona Lake. There are twenty campsites in Upper Stamp Creek Campground, and eighteen of them have access to running water and power. This campground leaves two spots for those who aren't afraid of the great outdoors and think they can survive a night without electricity. You won't believe you're sleeping beneath the stars, barely an hour from the world's busiest airport, until you wake up to the sound of aircraft taking off. Fish species like bass, crappie, bream, gar, and catfish are consistently stocked in the water of Lake Allatoona, drawing anglers from far and wide. That's why the lake is always packed with people. The campground has a dock and fishing jetties, and other nearby fishing hotspots also have fishing jetties. Anglers and guests are attracted to the campsite not just because of its numerous conveniences, including a beach, boat ramp, dock, and fire rings, but also because of the local myth that fireflies congregate at night to exchange secret messages. You could be among the few who get to see this in person.

The Pine Log Wildlife Management Area is a seasonal hunting area with 14,054 acres. As expressly noted at the WMA check station or a designated recreation site, camping, pre-season scouting, hiking, picnicking, and canoeing are permitted year-round. Pine Log Creek, Little Crooked Creek, and Ditch Branch are the three streams that flow through this region. Age-old longleaf pine forests, young pine groves, titi swamps, and cypress ponds make up the landscape here. The gopher tortoise, southern red lily, and white-top pitcher plant are just a few endangered or threatened species called Pine Log home. You, the avid angler, will enjoy experiencing redeye bass, shoal bass, and rainbow trout fishing in the region.

Red Top Mountain State Park, as one of Georgia's state parks, is also a great place to catch live fish. There are plenty of swimming, water skiing, and fishing opportunities at this popular park on Lake Allatoona. Fish species like trophy bass, spotted bass, striped bass, channel catfish, crappie, and bluegill are what anglers catch from the waters of the park. Several marinas provide boat rentals or encourage guests to bring their own. A sandy swimming beach shaded by trees may be found in a secluded cove, making it an ideal summer hangout. Rentable picnic and group shelters have their own designated areas for gatherings of all sizes. Cottages, tent sites, and a yurt along the lake are popular overnight accommodations for park visitors. The 12,000-acre lake is the main attraction, but the area is also a hiker's paradise. The park's forests conceal more than 15 miles of pathways, perfect for a brisk walk or a picture safari. Visitors are invited to tour a restored 1860s farmhouse along a short, paved route behind the park office that is accessible to wheelchairs and strollers. The 4-mile gravel-surfaced Iron Hill Trail is accessible to walkers and cyclists alike and has lovely vistas of the lake's shores. 


Top 10 Fish Species in White, GA

The top 10 fish species found in White, GA, are crappie, common carp, redeye bass, longnose gar, shoal bass, spotted bass, striped bass, channel catfish, bluegill, and rainbow trout.

Seasonal Fishing

Anglers may significantly increase their catch rates by learning the optimal seasons and months in which to fish in this bountiful state.

April through September is prime time for catching striped bass, largemouth bass, mahi-mahi, crappie, redfish, and tarpon in Georgia. The best time to go fishing in this region is between early spring and late October. In April, both the air and the water temperatures begin to rise. Therefore, fishing is more fruitful during these months since more species are active.

What time of year is optimum for fishing in Georgia depends on the fish you want to catch. When your target fish are most active, go fishing.

Largemouth bass and crappie are two fish that may be targeted throughout the spring. When the heat rises in the summer, anglers may cast their lines for bream and catfish. Crappie, catfish, and bass are particularly abundant in autumn lakes. The autumn months are prime time for catching trout. Rainbow trout with spots is another popular fish for anglers. In the autumn, there is a more significant potential for acquiring a large fish.

Let the Adventurer Out in You in White

1. Hike and Train in the city of White

In September, locals and tourists alike may enjoy the Beautiful Backroads Century Bike Ride, a celebration of the White area's scenic beauty. Families and anglers should go on this journey as it can give you a healthier and more fun lifestyle. Adventurers interested in training can also have the option of doing so at Dive Georgia.

2. Spice Up your Trip with a Visit to Some of White's Spooky Attractions

Whether you're a local of White or just passing through, Old Car City, USA, has lots of spooky activities, such as their Haunted Trails, to keep you entertained this Halloween. This October, White is full of great Autumn activities, whether you're looking for a day of family fun on a pumpkin farm or an evening of Haunt hunting with pals. The thrills, chills, and horrors of Halloween only come around once a year, so if you happen to be traveling through White in the Fall, you should definitely stop by!

3. Engage yourself with White’s Water Sports

Even if you're there to go fishing, White has more to offer you. Visit Kraken Springs, Georgia's only park for open-water diving for recreation. It has gone under numerous names over the past 20 years, including White Stone Diving and Dive Haven. Families and anglers may use many amenities, including a fully equipped diving shack. The availability of three entrance docks and three underwater training platforms, covered picnic tables, pavilions, concrete class areas, and flat walk-to-entry steps in and out of the sea. You may also witness other aquatic creatures, including catfish, turtles, bass, and brim, but you cannot catch them. Additionally accessible in the region are buoyancy rings, jet skis, and underwater bars.

Fish in White GA and beyond.