Buffalo Creek

Erie County, New York.

Buffalo Creek midpoint in West Falls, New York.

Buffalo Creek ends in Buffalo, New York.

591 feet (180 meters)

43.93 miles long (70.70 kilometers)

3239951.27 miles (5214197.76 sq kilometers)

About The Buffalo Creek

Buffalo Creek is a River located in Erie County, NY. Starting in Chaffee, NY the Buffalo Creek flows 44 miles through West Falls, NY before ending in Buffalo, NY. The Buffalo Creek rises to an elevation of 591 feet and has a surface area of 2,013,212 square miles. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Buffalo Creek, NY

Buffalo Creek is a 1.6-mile long tributary and meandering stream that starts in the Java Center in the county of Wyoming before it becomes the Buffalo River located in Buffalo, New York. It is also situated near West Seneca and can be found in Erie County.

The City of Buffalo received its name from the creek which flowed through it and was also formerly called Buffalo Creek. The origin of the creek’s name is widely debated with many references to French, Native American, Seneca Indian, as well as English roots. A lot of features in the United States are also named Buffalo Creek, many of which are in eastern states. Scholars believe it is very probable most were named after the animals that were found frequently in that area during certain periods of the 1700’s, giving explanations for similar water features named Beaver Creek, Otter Creek and more. Das-sho-wa, De-gi-yah-go and De-ya-oh-sa-oh are alternate names for this stream.

The creek is also near the Buffalo Creek Reservation which was 49,920 acres of land set aside by the United States for the Seneca Nation following negotiations after the Ameri