Packwood Creek

Tulare County, California.

Packwood Creek midpoint in Visalia, California.

Packwood Creek ends in Visalia, California.

272 feet (83 meters)

15.78 miles long (25.40 kilometers)

About The Packwood Creek

About Packwood Creek, CA

Packwood Creek in Tulare County, California, is a 3.1-kilometer stream located northwest of Jackson Ranch, near Tule Lake. It flows through the charming small town of Visalia and its surrounding communities in one of the most important agricultural regions of the state: California’s Central Valley. It is one of the four main creeks that flow through the town, along with Mill Creek, Cameron Creek, and St. John’s River. The stream has an elevation of 191 meters and is a known distributary of the Kaweah River. It is also a tributary to the Coyote Watershed and is intimately connected to the regional groundwater system. Along with Oakes Basin, Packwood Creek was also identified as a strategic location that could allow optimal pooling and capabilities for water recharging. 

A trail is situated along the stream, called Packwood Creek Trail, which allows opportunities for wildlife sightseeing, walking, running, and road-biking. The trail is accessible all year round. The stream also serves as a riparian woodland habitat that provides the necessities for wildlife. It is located next to Camp Four and is said to be named after Elisa Packwood.

While visiting the area, don’t pass up the opportunity to explore the Sequoia National Park, which is only an hour away from the city of Visalia. It is a popular tourist site that features impressive groves of towering sequoia trees and plenty of park hiking, sightseeing, climbing, picnicking, and fishing opportunities for its guests. </