Potomac River

St. Mary's County, Maryland.

Potomac River midpoint in Ophelia, Virginia.

Potomac River ends in Ophelia, Virginia.

304.91 miles long (490.70 kilometers)

45218627.47 miles (72772349.32 sq kilometers)

About The Potomac River

About Potomac River, MD

The Potomac River is situated in the country’s Mid-Atlantic region. Running for about 405 mi or 652 km, the river also borders the states of Maryland and Washington D.C. With the measurement of its surface area, the Potomac River has been established as the fourth largest river on the East Coast and the 21st largest when considering all the rivers that can be found in the country.

In addition to those ranks, the river has also been dubbed the “Nation’s River” due to its deep connection with American history and heritage. For instance, the first drawings of the river were made by Captain John Smith who was one of the first Europeans to explore the river which was still then known with its Algonquian name, “Patawomeck”. Furthermore, the area of the Potomac River was also where George Washington, the first president of the United States, was born and raised.

Potomac River Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Potomac River, MD

The Potomac River experienced pollution as a consequence of dam construction and overfishing. Since it was explored by settlers, fish population growth had declined over the years. The decline was very alarming, especially as the American shad that played