Book Your Fishing Charter in Ipswich, MA

Whether you're after the famous fried clams or fishing opportunities, Ipswich, MA, is a place that should be on top of your vacation list.

Book Your Fishing Charter in Ipswich, MA
Book Your Fishing Charter in Ipswich, MA
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October 14, 2021, 3 min read

Updated on June 19, 2023

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Ipswich is home to the most famous fried clams in Massachusetts and the most number of preserved First Period houses in all of America. One might even say that it’s the quintessential New England small town that you should not miss out on your next trip to the North Shore. Located in Essex County and linked directly to the Atlantic Ocean, Ipswich is an active fishing town that is surrounded by equally vibrant fishing communities such as Newburyport and Gloucester. 

With the rich and clean Ipswich River running through the town, Ipswich has long had a tradition of being a fishing village, long before the settlers came in. Today, the river may not be the miraculous water body that the Agawam tribe and the early settlers used as a source of their livelihood, but it remains one of the town’s greatest sources of pride and a fishing destination not to be missed.

Ipswich Fishing: Productive Fishing in a Historic Small Town

Fishing in Ipswich happens primarily on the Ipswich River, which can be accessed via tributaries and streams all across town. One such stream within the town that’s quite productive and a great spot to fly fish is Hood Pond. Hood Pond is situated within the lush Willowdale State Forest and is a great place to target a variety of trout species such as rainbow and brown trout, along with largemouth bass, shad, chain pickerel, crappie, bullhead, bluegill, white perch, walleye, and striped bass. Anglers can also access the river via the Town Landing estuary, where there are plenty of striped bass and bluefish, depending on the season. 

The beautiful Sandy Point State Park, located right at the tip of Plum Island, is home to the town’s most well-loved coastal beaches and another great spot to fish. Anglers who come here love the Emerson Rocks, a naturally occurring rocky structure that attracts plenty of fish like mackerel and bass. You can easily wade here as it is quite shallow. And while it’s not technically a part of Sandy Point, Stage Island is another fishing spot you can access via the park.

Finally, if you’re up for some surfcasting, there’s no better spot in Ipswich than Crane Beach. This stunning beach is a local favorite and it’s easy to see why. Come here during the low tide to find the holes and ridges on the shore so you can get a better idea of where you might target striped bass on your actual fishing day.

Discover What Makes Ipswich a Great New England Town

1. Go on a Historic Walk 

Ipswich has more First Period architecture than any other small town in America, so its historic districts definitely deserve a spot on your itinerary. Spending a day navigating the Architectural Preservation District of the town is a great way to immerse in its local history.

2. Join the Chowderfest

Ipswich is famous for its fried clams and celebrates this delicacy at the Ipswich Chowderfest, an event hosted annually by the Ipswich Lions Club. During the event, over a dozen local restaurants at the River Walk in Downtown Ipswich vie for the title of best chowder, so it’s a great way to sample the town’s local cuisine.

Fish in Ipswich and beyond.