Coupon Bight

Monroe County, Florida.

Coupon Bight ends in Big Pine Key, Florida.

3838589.39 miles (6177612.71 sq kilometers)

About The Coupon Bight

About Coupon Bight, FL

Coupon Bight is an aquatic preserve that covers around 6000 acres situated on the southernmost part of Big Pine Key within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in the state’s Monroe County and lower part of the Florida Keys. It is home to reef communities, rare birds, mangroves, and more, in addition to being a popular place for snorkeling, boating, commercial fishing, marine life collecting, charter sport fishing, and recreational fishing. The aquatic preserve sits south of the Newfound Harbor Keys in its ocean side while its lagoon lined with mangroves and edged with seagrass can be found in the north. The semi-circle lagoon is 2.2 miles long and 1.6 miles wide with an average depth of 6 feet.

Under the Conservation and Recreational Lands program, the Coupon Bight Buffer Project has added over 100 acres of hammocks, pinelands, saltmarsh, and beach or berm colonies to resources of the preserve. The marine part of the preserve is ridden with expansive hard bottom communities which include varying combinations of sponges, soft corals, hard coral, and algae. The preserve’s marine grass beds are a key feeding area for many birds and a significant nursery for young fish and invertebrates. The preserve receives freshwater resources from the urban and residential development on Big Pine Key.

Coupon Bight Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Coupon Bight, FL

The Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve is popular for offering many marine activities such as recreational fishing for finfish<