Cross Creek

Kings County, California.

Cross Creek midpoint in Hanford, California.

Cross Creek ends in Waukena, California.

207 feet (63 meters)

31.50 miles long (50.70 kilometers)

About The Cross Creek

Cross Creek is a River located in Kings County, CA. Starting in Visalia, CA the Cross Creek flows 32 miles through Hanford, CA before ending in Waukena, CA. The Cross Creek rises to an elevation of 207 feet. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Cross Creek, CA

Cross Creek is a 0.9 mile-long stream located in Kings County, California. It can be found 4.8 miles from Corcoran and is divided into three parts - its East Branch, West Branch, and Middle Branch. Its East Branch, which has an elevation of 256 feet, is near Hanford, Home Garden, Remnoy, and Tulare. It is also situated around the Tulare Basin, an endorheic basin, where its waters eventually lead to Tulare Lake.

The 1861 to 1862 flood created the St. John's River. Downstream at that river’s southward turn, it was called Cross Creek, which got water from Cottonwood Creek and Sand Creek. Further downstream, the creek was joined by the two branches of Mill Creek, integrating its water and sediment with those of Kings River’s old high-water delta channels. The St. John's River turns into Cross Creek about 2 miles east of Highway 99 where it veers to the southwest and is joined by Cottonwood Creek. The flow of the stream can also be redirected into the Corcoran Reservoir. In 1983, by the order of the Kings County Board of Supervisors pursuant to the Flood Control and Floodwater Conservation District Law, the Cross Creek Flood Control District was established. This is because the Tulare Lakebed and surrounding areas, including the stream, were previously prone to severe flooding.