South Branch Tule River

Tulare County, California.

South Branch Tule River midpoint in Tipton, California.

South Branch Tule River ends in Tipton, California.

262 feet (80 meters)

8.20 miles long (13.20 kilometers)

1548234.82 miles (2491643.19 sq kilometers)

About The South Branch Tule River

South Branch Tule River is a River located in Tulare County, CA. Starting in Strathmore, CA the South Branch Tule River flows 8 miles through Tipton, CA before ending in Tipton, CA. The South Branch Tule River rises to an elevation of 262 feet and has a surface area of 962,028 square miles. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About the South Branch Tule River, CA

The South Branch of the Tule River is a 28-mile-long river that is located in Tulare County in California. As the name suggests, this body of water is just a branch of the Tule River system that consists of three branches (or forks) namely, the North, the Middle, and the South branch. The South Branch flows westward, originating from the foothills of Slate Mountain and winding through different terrains across the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges until it finally meets the North and Middle South forks at Lake Success, east of Porterville. Along the stretch of the river, the continuous water flow also gives life to other smaller bodies of water, including Blue Creek, Rocky Creek, Pigeon Creek, and Bond Creek. 

The water flowing through the South Branch of the Tule River is often characterized as crystal clear with moderate currents. While most stretches of the river are shallow and narrow, some areas have a series of cascades, mini waterfalls, and deep pools carved from granite bedrocks. The landscape that surrounds the river is mostly lined with tree