Sudbury Reservoir

Worcester County, Massachusetts.

Sudbury Reservoir ends in Southborough, Massachusetts.

249 feet (76 meters)

2.29 miles (3.68 sq kilometers)

About The Sudbury Reservoir

About Sudbury Reservoir, MA

Sudbury Reservoir is a 2.02-mile water body located 1.7 miles from Southborough in Worcester County, Massachusetts. It is 25 miles west of Boston and borders sections of Southborough, Marlborough, and Framingham. Along with Foss Reservoir, this water body is the emergency backup supply of the state’s primary source of water for over two million residents in Eastern Massachusetts. It has a maximum depth of 65 feet.

The reservoir watershed also serves as a limited-access recreational hotspot for locals and tourists that provide opportunities for picnicking, hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and shoreline fishing. The area is also open for hunting but you would need a permit for it first. However, these all come with restrictions to preserve and protect the reservoir’s water quality. Littering is prohibited, as well as bringing pets, alcoholic beverages, all-terrain vehicles, smoking, and all other activities or supplies that could cause pollution in the water. The land surrounding the Sudbury Reservoir is managed by the Division of Water Supply Protection to protect and enhance the water body’s ecological integrity, as well as protect the natural resources that come within it. 

Sudbury Reservoir Fishing Description