Todd Fork

Warren County, Ohio.

Todd Fork midpoint in Clarksville, Ohio.

Todd Fork ends in Morrow, Ohio.

627 feet (191 meters)

39.95 miles long (64.30 kilometers)

About The Todd Fork

Todd Fork is a River located in Warren County, OH. Starting in Reesville, OH the Todd Fork flows 40 miles through Clarksville, OH before ending in Morrow, OH. The Todd Fork rises to an elevation of 627 feet. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Todd Fork, OH

Todd Fork is an approximately 34-mile small farm creek that runs along Middleboro Road to Pike Street in Warren County and Clinton County in Ohio. The water body also goes by the names Todds Fork, Todd’s Fork, and Todds Creek, and it has an elevation of 627 feet. Its headwaters are located near Wilmington, and its mouth and lower river are located in Morrow. The stream is also northeast of Cincinnati. It is located 4.3 miles from Butlerville and 4.5 miles away from South Lebanon. It is also a tributary of the Miami River and flows through wooded valleys for most of its lower portions. It was likely named after the Todd family, the pioneer settlers, back in the 18th century. 

The stream is great for practicing basic whitewater canoe and kayak skills, especially when the water gets one to two feet above normal after a generous rain. At normal water level, it can still be floated for most of the year from the mouth of Cowan Creek to the mouth of the Todd Fork itself.  However, there is quite limited access to the stream. An abandoned railroad is situated near the lower parts of the water body, and it may be accessed from there, as long as the area is not tagged as private property.  

Todd Fork Fishing Description