Lignumvitae Basin

Monroe County, Florida.

Lignumvitae Basin ends in Islamorada, Florida.

6857917.64 miles (11036752.02 sq kilometers)

About The Lignumvitae Basin

About Lignumvitae Basin, FL

Lignumvitae Basin is a saltwater bay located in Monroe County, Florida, near Islamorada. It is located just above the Lignumvitae Key, where you can find the Key Botanical State Park and the Lignumvitae Key Aquatic Preserve.

Lignumvitae Basin got its name from the tree lignum vitae, which grows in abundance in Lignumvitae Key. The 300-acre key was bought by an owner of a chemical company back in 1919, who built a coral rock home that is now used as the park’s visitor center. There were talks of developing the island in the 1960s, but citizens protested and the government ended up buying it to convert it into a state botanical park. Notable activities are available in the preserve, such as boating, snorkeling, diving, marine life collecting, commercial fishing, charter sport fishing, and recreational fishing for lobster and finfish.

Lignumvitae Basin Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Lignumvitae Basin, FL

The Lignumvitae Basin’s seagrass meadows, coral flats, scattered sandy potholes, and deep water channels are fed not just by the waters of the aquatic preserve, but also directly by Florida Bay. This environment allows diverse water species to thrive within the basin, such as the