Live Oak Bayou

Matagorda County, Texas.

Live Oak Bayou midpoint in Bay City, Texas.

Live Oak Bayou ends in Wadsworth, Texas.

3 feet (1 meters)

36.23 miles long (58.30 kilometers)

1067596.32 miles (1718130.26 sq kilometers)

About The Live Oak Bayou

Live Oak Bayou is a River located in Matagorda County, TX. Starting in Bay City, TX the Live Oak Bayou flows 36 miles through Bay City, TX before ending in Wadsworth, TX. The Live Oak Bayou rises to an elevation of 3 feet and has a surface area of 663,374 square miles. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.

About Live Oak Bayou, TX

Live Oak Bayou is a stream located in eastern Matagorda County, Texas. It is 20.3 miles away from Van Vleck and is near Chinquapin Landing, northwest of Dressing Point. The stream rises four miles east of Bay City in Bay Prairie. It crosses the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway after flowing southeast for nineteen miles. It also empties into a part of East Matagorda Bay called Live Oak Bay, located east of Big Boggy National Wildlife Refuge. It is one of the water bodies situated within the Brazos-Colorado Coastal Basin, along with Caney Creek Tidal, San Bernard River, Linnville Bayou, and Hardeman Slough.

The stream goes through a swampy phase as it nears the coast, accompanied by a number of small lakes. It flows through a flood-prone area with clay and sandy loams that support water-tolerant hardwoods and vegetation. Isaac Van Dorn, one of Stephen F. Austin's Old Three Hundred colonists and an early settler, made his home along Live Oak Bayou. This is also where the first barbed wire fence in Matagorda County was installed around 1879, along the border of Frank Hawkin’s ranch ranging from Peyton’s Creek east to Live Oak Bayou.

Live Oak Bayou Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Live Oak Bayou, TX

Fishing in Live Oak Bayou provides you plenty of opportunities to catch red drum, spotted sea trout, and hardhead sea catfish, which are three of the most popular catches here. Not only that, but you may also expect good to great opportunities for spotting populations of common bleak, alligator gar, crappie, and blue tilapia. There are also reports of asp, brook trout, common carp, bull trout, brown trout, chinook salmon, grass carp, ruffe, and pike-perch sightings here in the stream.

Popular fishing techniques used here are kayak fishing, baitcasting, and fly fishing<