Silver Creek

Santa Clara County, California.

Silver Creek midpoint in San Jose, California.

Silver Creek ends in San Jose, California.

89 feet (27 meters)

7.27 miles long (11.70 kilometers)

About The Silver Creek

Silver Creek is a River located in Santa Clara County, CA. Starting in San Jose, CA the Silver Creek flows 7 miles through San Jose, CA before ending in San Jose, CA. The Silver Creek rises to an elevation of 89 feet. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Silver Creek, CA

Silver Creek is a stream located near San Jose in Santa Clara County, California. At present time, the water body now goes by the names Upper Silver Creek and Lower Silver Creek, which are its modern-day subdivisions. The stream is just two miles away from Alum Rock, one of the most notable and historic districts in California. The north side of the creek that runs across Alum Rock’s focus area is significantly clearer and more highly maintained to match the residential neighborhood surrounding it. The south side of the creek, on the other hand, has more of an overgrown greenery appearance and is generally covered in debris. 

The Upper and Lower Silver Creek are both tributaries of Coyote Creek and a part of their confluence is at Watson Park. However, before it became the latter’s tributaries, the stream originally flowed through Laguna Socayre in Rancho Yerba Buena, in which Lake Cunningham is also located. The Upper Silver Creek was distinguished when the area above the laguna was redirected to flow and drain directly into the Coyote Creek by passing through Ramblewood. The Lower Silver Creek is merged with the lower part of Miguelita Creek before joining the flows of Coyote Creek. 

Its neighborhood namesake, the Silver Creek Valley is tagged as one of the best places to