Thompson Creek

Santa Clara County, California.

Thompson Creek midpoint in San Jose, California.

Thompson Creek ends in San Jose, California.

138 feet (42 meters)

14.11 miles long (22.70 kilometers)

About The Thompson Creek

Thompson Creek is a River located in Santa Clara County, CA. Starting in San Jose, CA the Thompson Creek flows 14 miles through San Jose, CA before ending in San Jose, CA. The Thompson Creek rises to an elevation of 138 feet. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.

About Thompson Creek, CA

Thompson Creek is a stream near Sonora and the city of San Jose in Santa Clara County, California. It is a tributary of Coyote Creek via the Lower Silver Creek and parallels it to the east. It is also one of the major components of the Coyote Creek watershed. The water body starts from the Diablo Range near San Felipe Road and flows in a northwest direction. It is located 2.7 miles from Alum Rock. The stream also goes by the name “Dry Creek”. 

Its tributaries include the Cribrari Creek, which joins the stream meandering approximately 4 miles downstream. Other tributaries such as the Yerba Buena Creek joins the stream after 1.5 miles while the Evergreen Creek joins Thompson after another half mile. The stream continues as a natural channel for about another mile and is then joined by Fowler Creek, another tributary. Quimby Creek then joins half a mile downstream and Norwood Creek meets it at the confluence with Lower Silver Creek. Its other tributary is Ruby Creek.

The creek also features a gravel trail that runs for about 4.4 miles. The area around provides plenty of opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, cycling, and wildlife viewing. 

Thompson Creek Fishing Description