Wachusett Reservoir

Worcester County, Massachusetts.

Wachusett Reservoir ends in Boylston, Massachusetts.

384 feet (117 meters)

9.98 miles (16.05 sq kilometers)

About The Wachusett Reservoir

All About Wachusett Reservoir, MA

The Wachusett Reservoir is the second-largest body of water in Massachusetts, in the northeastern portion of Worcester. It has an area of 18 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 37 meters. 

The Wachusett Reservoir is a part of metropolitan Boston’s water supply system and is maintained by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority or MWRA. It works as both a water source and an intermediate storage reservoir for the water coming from the Quabbin Reservoir. 

The waters of the Wachusett Reservoir initially come from the Quinapoxet and Stillwater rivers that are found close by the Quabbin Aqueduct. After passing through the two rivers, the waters flow to the Quabbin Reservoir.

The managers of the Wachusett Reservoir are doing their best to keep its water pure since it’s a source of water for Boston. Many activities are prohibited in this area, such as boating, ice fishing, walking pets, swimming, motorbiking, littering, and many more. 

Wachusett Reservoir Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Wachusett Reservoir, MA