Henderson Bay

Jefferson County, New York.

Henderson Bay ends in Henderson Harbor, New York.

243 feet (74 meters)

21686796.34 miles (34901526.36 sq kilometers)

About The Henderson Bay

About Henderson Bay, NY

Henderson Bay is an expanse of water in the south of Point Peninsula in Jefferson County, near Watertown in New York State. The bay is approximately four miles long and contains three smaller embayments: the Snowshoe Bay, Whites Bay, and the Henderson Harbor. It is an arm of Lake Ontario that is located 4.1 miles from Sackets Harbor, a historic village situated at the eastern part of the lake that also obtains its water supply from the bay. 

The bay is also known for hosting annual regattas and fishing derbies, pushing its economy to thrive by seasonal tourism. It is also a popular destination for music shows held on pontoon boats, especially in July. Henderson is also abundant in terms of wildlife, with a variety of waterfowl and fish species residing in the area, making it a unique addition to the surrounding village’s natural resources. The bay can be easily accessed through the Westcott Beach State Park, a 318-acre park that provides beach, camping, and fishing opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

However, there are certain reports of poorly treated sewage discharged into the bay from the Hamlet of Henderson Harbor, compromising its water quality. The lack of effective sewer systems around the bay has also contributed to the excessive aquatic growth in the water body. As a result, the New York State Department of Health has tagged the bay’s water and swimming opportunities as impaired due to the presence of pollutants. Nevertheless, the bay still remains one of the top fishing spots in Jefferson County at present time.

Henderson Bay