Baton Rouge, LA Fishing: Fishing Adventure in the Capital

Baton Rouge's adjacency to the Mississippi River gives not just a picturesque view but also the best fishing spots for beginners and professional anglers.

Baton Rouge, LA Fishing: Fishing Adventure in the Capital
Baton Rouge, LA Fishing: Fishing Adventure in the Capital
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June 23, 2022, 6 min read

Updated on June 21, 2022

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Baton Rouge is the state capital of Louisiana that is located along the Mississippi River. Baton Rouge is nicknamed 'Red Stick' and has been the 99th-most-populous city in the country and the second-largest city in the state after New Orleans. The capital's scenery makes it a fantastic place where families can spend time relaxing and being stress-free.

Baton Rouge is famous for its rich history, one-of-a-kind delicacies, and unique arts and culture scene. Beautiful mansions like the Old State Capitol that was built in 1847. The historic building accommodated the Louisiana State Legislature from the mid-19th century until the existing capitol building was constructed from 1929 until 1932. The Louisiana State Capitol is one of the most beautiful buildings in Baton Rouge. The Louisiana State Capitol is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Another building listed on the National Register of Historic Places is the Magnolia Mound Plantation which portrays the architectural influences of Baton Rouge's early settlers from France and the West Indies. The Old Governor's Mansion is another historical building in Baton Rouge, only a few blocks from the Old State Capitol. 

Aside from historical buildings, Baton Rouge celebrates Mardi Gras annually and is attended by thousands of tourists from across the globe. The Baton Rouge Blues Festival is one of the capital festivals that originated in 1981. The festival features blues and jazz music that tourists will surely enjoy.

Baton Rouge's adjacency to the Mississippi River gives not just a picturesque view but also the best fishing spots for beginners and professional anglers.

Baton Rouge Fishing

boat on the lake

Louisiana is a legendary fishing territory, and Baton Rouge's connection to the Mississippi Rivers makes the capital city one of the prime fishing spots in the Pelican State.

Start your fishing trip in College Lake, a lake overflowing with fish like largemouth bass, bluegill, blue catfish, crappie, American gizzard shad, black bullhead, goldeye, and bowfin. Campus Lake is home to bluegill, spotted bass, and striped bass. Largemouth bass, bowfin, and blue catfish are also caught here. Capitol Lake is located directly across from the Louisiana State Capitol. The most popular species caught by anglers are largemouth bass, blue catfish, pumpkinseed, red drum, northern red snapper, and flathead catfish. 

North Branch Ward Creek is a stream in Baton Rouge home to fish like largemouth bass, spotted bass, black bullhead, channel catfish, crappie, redear and green sunfish, and bluegill. The Greater Baton Rouge Port is a port in the capital where anglers can score giant fish like blue catfish, channel catfish, flathead catfish, largemouth bass, freshwater drum, crappie, white bass, and black bullhead. Monte Sano Bayou is another stream notable for the fish caught here. Bass, catfish, crappie, and drums are the trophy fish commonly caught by anglers fishing in the stream.

Largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, drum, and rainbow trout are caught in the Lively Bayou area, while Dawson Creek is home to largemouth bass, various catfish species, bluegill, crappie, and pumpkinseed. Green sunfish and yellow bullhead are a common sight in Weiner Creek. Cypress Bayou, a bayou from the center of Baton Rouge, is famous for white perch fishing. Blackwater Bayou, whose name is derived from its water's color, is where anglers can score rainbow trout, pumpkinseed, and smallmouth bass. Largemouth bass, blue catfish, bowfin, bluegill, crappie, and freshwater drum are found in Broussard Bayou.

Baton Rouge situates along the bank of the Mississippi River, one of the reasons for abundant fishing opportunities. The Mississippi River is the second-longest river in North America. It offers a wide variety of fish for anglers, such as largemouth and smallmouth bass, blue sucker, catfish, paddlefish, northern pike, walleye, sauger, bluegill, and catfish, shorthead redhorse, and shovelnose sturgeon.

Banks are available in Campus Lake, Capitol Lake, North Branch Ward Creek, Weiner Creek, and Cypress Bayou for bank fishing. The fishing spots in Baton Rouge are perfect places for baitcasting, fly fishing, bottom fishing, and jig fishing. These fishing spots are family-friendly, with a peaceful and quiet environment ideal for stress-free and successful angling. Piers and docks are also present for different boating activities.

One angler from Baton Ruge reportedly caught a rare smalltooth sawfish which was once quite common and distributed throughout the Gulf of Mexico in nearshore and estuarine waters less than 50 feet in depth. The mentioned species of sawfish has encountered a severe population decline and is now rare sight everywhere except in Everglades National Park in Florida.

Anglers are advised to purchase and bring the appropriate licenses and permits when fishing in the waters of Louisiana. Fishing ordinances in Louisiana can vary throughout the year. Check the fishing department's page before fishing for the most up-to-date rules and regulations for the current season.

No matter what you're looking for, it is sure you can find a various range of the best fishing spots in Baton Rouge.


Top 10 Fish Species in Baton Rouge, LA

The top 10 fish species found in Baton Rouge, LA, are blue catfish, largemouth bass, flathead catfish, bluegill, black drum, channel catfish, crappie, rainbow trout, black bullhead, and white bass.

Seasonal Fishing

The fishing season in Baton Rouge is available year-round. Catfish are caught in any season, but summer is suitable for going after channel catfish and flathead catfish, while spring is the perfect time to capture blue catfish. Blue catfish spawn every April through June; flathead spawning activities occur during May and last until August. Channel catfish and black bullhead spawn perennial in late spring to early summer. Regarding trophy fish, largemouth and white bass are the most notable species for anglers. They are available year-round and provide the best fishing experience. Though they are available every time, they are best caught during spring, the same time they travel to shallow waters to start their spawning season. White bass spawn from mid-March to late May. The best time to go after bluegill is during the spring and early summer spawning periods. They start their spawning season from January to April, making it the prime time to capture black drum. The same goes with crappie, which are best caught during their spring spawning season. Late spring is the best time to catch trout, especially the larger ones. Rainbow trout can commence their spawning as early as February; by March or April, they are usually in the whole spawning period.  

Discover the Beauty of Baton Rouge

1. Book a Fishing Guide

Booking a fishing guide will help tourists visiting Baton Rouge get a better angling experience. A local guide knowledgeable about Baton Rouge's fishing spots will make the trip more convenient and exciting.

2. Memories of the Past

Baton Rouge has a fascinating past that many tourists can enjoy looking back. The USS Kidd Veterans Memorial is one of the most sought places in the state's capital. The Fletcher-class destroyer was launched in 1943 and was called the "Pirate of the Pacific." USS KIDD, named after Rear Admiral Isaac Campbell Kidd, Sr., was used in various movies and historical documentaries. Visitors can climb aboard the ship and learn all about its past. The Louisiana Arts & Science Museum situates in Baton Rouge and displays a mix of art and science that both kids and kids-at-heart will enjoy. The galleries feature various American and European art, modern and contemporary art of the state, photography, ethnographic art, and antiquities. The scientific part of the museum provides learning and educational displays for tourists. An on-site Planetarium and a gallery that features Ancient Egypt are also found in the museum.

3. Jam-packed Outdoor Activities

Known to be Louisiana's Sportsman's Paradise, Baton Rouge offers a variety of sports and outdoor adventures. Travelers can go kayaking and fishing or hiking, running, and golfing. There are numerous hiking trails and fishing spots tourists of all ages can visit.

Fish in Baton Rouge and beyond.